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Pine Barrens Tournament

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Mat Notes: Maggio is 4th in Region 8
Maggio grabs 4th place at R8 Senior finishes his career with outstanding final season Big Ben Maggio shoved all his chips across the table in anticipation of this season.  It didn't end the way he wanted but then again it almost never does i
Spotlight On: Quest Wrestling Club in Session at Absegami
Quest Wrestling Club on Gami mats Zach Hammond leads regional club workouts in Gami wrestling room Ah, the sounds of spring sports after winter has loosened its grip.  Baseballs and softballs popping into leather gloves,  starters pisto
The Team Scene: Braves Go 6-0 vs. Holy Spirit, beat Oakcrest , Cedar Creek in team points
Braves 6-0 vs. Holy Spirit in D32 Beat Oakcrest, Cedar Creek in team points fourth year in a row Absegami, mere South Jersey Group IV semifinalists who lost to eventual champion Clearview 66-9,  whipped the South Jersey Non-Public B Champion
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