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District 32 Tournament

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March 2015
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Vote YES on March 10th to get our District Referendum passed!
Get out and vote YES on March 10th to get our district referendum passed!  This referendum greatly impacts our school as well as our wrestling program in the means of a new wrestling room and other amenities!  Vote YES for all 3 q
FAN SPOTLIGHT: Chip and Jackie Durazzi and sister Jill Gosman are hooked on Braves
Absegami super fans take loyalty to a new high We all know that wrestling is a tough sport.  Cutting weight, scrapes, bruises, pulls, cuts, skin disease, it isn't easy.  Sometimes it's not even easy being a fan.  It's a winter sport
MAT NOTES: Calcerano is 6th straight Brave HWT to qualify for Region 8
Calcerano latest in line of good heavies Absegami has impressive string of successful heavyweights over the years Gavin Calcerano had a pretty good wrestling season this winter.  In fact,  given his almost total lack of varsity experi
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  • Dubliner Irish Pub & Grill
  • D'Arcy Johnson Day
  • Big G's House of Ink
  • Yogo Factory
  • Waszen Brother's Sanitation