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A Look Back In Time: Rich Pemberton remembers starting the program.
Pemberton planted seeds for Absegami's Rich tradition  First wrestling coach built foundation for Braves' future successes Rich Pemberton remembers how it all got started when the Absegami Braves began their first wrestling season in Decembe
Mat Notes: 41 years for this? Braves make Stangs' historic playoff a nightmare
Braves advance to SJ Group IV semifinal vs. top-seeded Clearview Martin Cancels A Mainland Party   Absegami coach Shawn Scannell needed to call in the squad from  CSI to get to the bottom of this one.  There were lots of brown and v
News : Braves need volunteers to run District 32 Tournament
Braves need volunteers for D32 tourney New format will run tournament all in one day on Saturday, February 20 The Braves need your help for a successful District 32 tournament in two weeks.  The tournament will be run all in one day on Satur
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Shawn Scannell just posted a news article A Look Back In Time
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